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 Non Aggression Pacts

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Non Aggression Pacts Empty
PostSubject: Non Aggression Pacts   Non Aggression Pacts Icon_minitimeThu Mar 01, 2012 8:40 am

We currently have alliances with the alliances on this list:

- N7



- U.N.S.C.

- Umbrella

We currently have non aggression pacts with the alliances on this list:

- Invaders

- Leizar (personal NAP)

While I am certain that most realize this, aggression can include espionage probes. So, do not probe members of those alliances - or attack them.

Should members of those alliances probe or attack you, contact me or one of the Dragon Knights and we will handle the situation. Also, send the attacker a quick "We have a NAP" message to give them a heads up.

If you have suggestions for alliances that you would like to see added to our NAP, Ally or Trade list, let one of our diplomats or me know and list them here for a permanent record.

Our diplomatic team now consists of Boe, Deetz and Qtip.

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Non Aggression Pacts
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